The antibody series 2022

The antibody series 2022


The Blood Brain Barrier and Targeting Neurodegenerative Diseases

Joe Lewcock

Brain delivery of therapeutic proteins using an Fc fragment blood-brain barrier transport vehicle

Sander van Deventer

Next generation vectorized antibody therapies for neurodegenerative diseases

Affinity, Avidity & Novel Mechanisms of Action

Paul Parren

Avidity engineering of antibodies

Peter Tessier

Drug-like antibodies by design and directed evolution

Antibody Technology and Optimization

Rene Hoet

New Technology Developments for Future (Multispecific) Antibody Discovery and Optimization.

Artificial Intelligence and Antibodies

Yanay Ofran

Reimaging therapeutics antibodies using artificial intelligence

Aridaman Pandit

Transforming immunology and target discovery using machine learning

Antibody Discovery

Jane Osbourn

Mining the immune system for protective antibodies

Marta Amaral

Trispecific antibodies as the next generation of T cell immunotherapy

Daniel Bedinger

High resolution epitope binning informs antibody drug discovery for infectious disease and enhances next generation antibody workflows

Novel Mechanisms of Action

Pablo Umaña

Enhancing endogenous and synthetic immunity with engineered antibody-fusion proteins for cancer immunotherapy

John de Kruif

Discovery of a trispecific T cell engager for solid tumors

Nathan Robertson

The Two Sides of Targeting Checkpoint Receptors

Fernando Garces

NextGen Biologics Engineering

Protein Sciences

Teresa Barata

FairJourney Biologics Presentation

António Barroso

Stable cell line development for Antibody Discovery and Production

Targeting the Tumor Micro-environment

Horacio Nastri

Inhibiting the Adenosine pathway for cancer therapeutics

Jonathan Davis

Using the B-Body Bispecific Platform to Specifically Target and Eliminate Tumor-resident Tregs

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